We as parents share the same want: the best for our children. They are the most precious gifts to us and we not only want to protect them, but to watch them grow in the best way possible. Convenience is a second priority.

Here at OhBases, we understand your need. OhBases products are pure and simple, but powerful and lasting. Our products harness the beauty and benefits of nature to provide natural lasting effects that always lean towards healthy skin, body, home. No irritants, no "nasties", simply what Mother Nature provides. We focus on quality and naturally compelling solutions for home and family care. We make effective and unpretentious products focused on the betterment of the home: mothers, babies and fathers. We don’t claim the impossible, we just give you our best: excellent products your body and skin will love.

Understandably, we cannot protect our little ones from all things. We can’t even fully protect them from themselves. But what we can do is put in our best effort to help them learn and grow. We can’t make them perfect, but we can try to nurture them to the best of our abilities. OhBases is here to help you and your precious ones. We offer solutions to your never-ending quest to find better ways to care for your children. We cannot promise you protection from the entire world, but we can promise you better options and effective solutions that are safe and sustainable, pleasant and fun, and always without any unexpected side effects.

- The Founders