When they first enter the world they see everything as new and wondrous.  All things need to be explored, mapped, and understood.  Everything we thought old becomes new again.  Everything boring becomes exciting and fun.

Immediately they are the most precious yet fragile responsibility we have. Children can be a burden, but they more than repay us in their unique ability to show us what the world could be like - once was like.

The soul is healed by being with children.

—Fyodor Dostoevsky

Little ones grow at an amazing pace. One day they need to be fed, they require total assistance, and the next day they are stealing the food from your plate.  Soon, they are taking your car.  All those days, all those moments in between, are invaluable and meant to be cherished and remembered for they pass too quickly.   

The name OhBases is the marriage of two words. First "Oh" an emotional expression of desire as in "Oh my baby!" or "Oh Dear!".  Next "Bases" the plural of base as in foundation.

We were studying plant-based formulas for products for the home, mom, and baby. Putting the two together became the name OhBases which we thought of like Mama nurturing Baby.

A baby can grow and explore confidently as long as she knows that there is a base to turn back to - a safe space to return. Oh Baby Oh Babe!

Home is where we started and where we always return. It began as an effort to find something better than what was offered as standard.  Looking for solutions that were not only simple and honest, natural and organic, but joyful and practical. We seek ingredients from plants which have been farmed organically and are of the highest quality. They are chosen for their therapeutic value and practical everyday application.

You are unique so why would you want the lowest common denominator? OhBases does not make mass market products.  We focus on quality and naturally compelling solutions for home and family care.  We make effective and unpretentious products focused on the better health of mothers, babies, fathers, and the home.   

It's in the living every day and the struggle where one finds meaning. We work very hard because through that work we find meaning and that meaning always ends back with family at home.

The important thing in life is not the triumph but the struggle.

—Pierre de Coubertin

What drives you?  Do you have a motor for something - an insatiable need to work on something and continually improve it?  Ours in found in our products. Bordering on an obsession we can't stop exploring the natural world for better options and effective solutions that are safe and sustainable, pleasant and fun, and always without any unexpected side effects.

OhBases products are pure and simple, but powerful and lasting, harnessing the beauty and benefits of nature to provide natural lasting effects that always lean towards healthy skin, body, home.

No irritants, no "nasties", simply what Mother Nature provides, and no silly claims. We promise you will like it or we will take it back for a full refund no questions asked. Just excellent products your body and skin will love.

You cannot protect them from all things and the whole world. You can't even fully protect them from themselves. You try to give them all that you have learned and encourage them to learn even more than you have. You teach them to be good and how to behave well. You can't make it all perfect but you can make it better day by day and choice by choice. Better Matters.


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