San Diego Woman's Magazine

San Diego Woman's Magazine

San Diego Woman Magazine's Inspirational Women Issue featured OhBases in its Fabulous Finds section. They requested a number of samples and highlighted our Little Face Cream and Bee My Magic Pot in their Inspirational Women issue.   

 They really get our philosophy of sourcing from the best all-natural plant-based ingredients for products that have everyday practical application without any surprises or "nasties" that can do more harm than good.  We don't believe in masking problems - just getting to the root cause naturally.

"As a new Grandma, I was happy to be able to sample products from such a fine company that truly cares about their customers. OhBases searches for ingredients from plants which have been farmed organically and are of the highest quality. These ingredients are chosen for their therapeutic value and practical everyday application."

"OhBases Little Face Cream is a product I love and felt confident massaging a little on my granddaughter's precious little face. It is a gentle, all-natural moisturizer made with all-natural ingredients that keeps your baby's facial skin soft and smooth. Is there anything more soft that a newborn babies skin. This product helps to keep it that way. It is made with soothing Calendula and flower extracts." "OhBases Little Face Cream only has natural ingredients to enrich and care for the skin on your baby's face. I could see a difference when using this cream to help protect her delicate skin against dryness and chapping."


"Le'ts not forget mommy or grandma. I particularly liked their product Bee My Magic Pot, which transforms your skin to a younger naturally healthy and radiant glow! OhBases blends raw honey, bee pollen, royal jelly, and propolis to make an amazing nourishing moisturizer that can minimize fine lines and wrinkles...and who doesn't want to ward off those wrinkles."

"These are just two of their great products. So far I have not found one that I did not like. Oh and let's not forget the thoughtful applicator that comes with these items, no messy hands or nails after using it. Try some for yourself and your little one. You will be thrilled with the results."

San Diego Woman's Magazine Loves OhBases Little Face Cream and Bee My Magic Pot

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